About SO Family Law

Since graduating from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2007, Stephanie has practised exclusively Family Law, and has a real passion for this subject matter. She enjoys working with clients and their families to achieve the best possible solutions that are unique to their individual situations. Family law is a term that can be daunting for people, so it may be helpful to break down the kinds of services that she provides.

Prior to a couple getting married or deciding to live together, Stephanie can provide services in negotiating and drafting a Pre-nuptial Agreement, or a Cohabitation Agreement. This helps couples to determine what would happen to their property if they were to separate. Many couples wish to do this, particularly if it is a second relationship, or if they are marrying/cohabiting later in life when they have assets that they wish to protect. It certainly minimizes conflict and legal fees in the event that the relationship breaks down.

The majority of Stephanie's practice involves assisting couples who are separating and/or ultimately divorcing. Stephanie provides advice and legal services regarding issues of parenting, custody and access, division of property, disposition of the matrimonial home, child support, and spousal support. She often helps clients with many other issues that may or may not fall under these headings. In addition to representing clients in Court, Stephanie is trained to represent clients in Alternative Dispute Resolution options such as mediation, mediation/arbitration, and Collaborative Family Law. The latter is a process whereby each party retains a specially trained lawyer, and the matter is resolved using a team approach via a series of settlement meetings. Once Stephanie meets with a client, she is best able to provide them with some advice regarding the best way to approach their matter.

Outside of her usual client practice, Stephanie is also the Vice Chair of the York Collaborative Practice Group. Stephanie is also both an Agent for and serve on the panels for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Family Court Duty Counsel, and the Family Law Information Centre at the Newmarket Courthouse.

Stephanie's approach to matrimonial disputes is client-centred, and child-focused. Stephanie seeks to minimize conflict and promote amicable resolution options wherever possible, and prides herself on her creative problem-solving skills to help clients achieve the best possible outcome while sacrificing as little as possible in terms of their relationships with their former spouse and children.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. We are here to help you!